100 Recipes for 100 Years

Lindsay Road National School 1911-2011 : 100 Recipes for 100 Years

The cookbook was produced to mark the school’s Centenary in 2011 and also to reflect the diverse origins of LRNS pupils and their families in modern times.

It was compiled by a small group of parents and was launched in March 2011. Recipes were gathered from the cuisines of Thailand, China, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, France and of course Ireland. The book covers all areas of cooking including; starters, snacks, sides and salads, meat, fish, vegetarian dishes, cakes and sweet things and a “miscellaneous” section!

Interspersed with the modern recipes were recipes taken from The “Lindsay”Cookery Book 1914. The “Lindsay” Cookery Book is a valuable part of the LRNS archive. When the school was first built it had a fully functioning kitchen area where pupils were taught cooking skills. It was very innovative at the time. The 1914 Cookery Book was used in these cookery classes. Only one copy of the book is known to exist, so the PTA were delighted to reproduce some of the recipes and the cover in our 2011 cookbook. It was a nice tie-in for the Centenary celebrations!

Here’s a sample of the cookbook