Ethos of the School

Lindsay Road National School is a co-educational primary school founded in 1911 by members from four local Presbyterian Churches. It remains under the patronage of a Patrons’ Committee comprised of representatives from local Presbyterian church communities.

Our ethos is founded on our Christian faith in God. It is upon this foundation that we build an inclusive school, valuing and respecting all children equally, encouraging freedom of thought and a personal relationship with God. The School follows the Protestant Schools’ Religious Education curriculum, Follow Me.

Our pupils are encouraged to have a positive attitude towards learning and exploring their talents to achieve their full potential, and be inspired to engage in lifelong learning.

The school is a respectful and supportive community of pupils, teachers, parents/guardians and management which encourages active participation in school life, the wider community and beyond: to become active citizens of Ireland and the world.

The work of the school is conducted in an atmosphere of tolerance and respect for religious differences. The school welcomes those of all faiths, beliefs and backgrounds.