Parent Association

Lindsay Road National School Parent Association 

LRNS has an active Parent Association (PA), the purpose of which is to provide a structure through which the parents and guardians of children attending the school can work together for the best possible education for their children and to make the school a happy learning environment in which children are safe and secure.

We meet monthly during the academic year, usually on the first Wednesday of every month, to discuss our programme of activities. All parents or guardians of children attending the school are invited to be members of the Parent Association and to attend our informal monthly meetings. It's no problem if you can't attend regularly; there are lots of volunteering opportunities during the year where your skills or your time would be very welcome. Some of our regular annual activities include the LRNS Spring Fair, the Halloween disco, school yard clean-ups, as well as occasional online events. 


We communicate in numerous ways with each other:

The work of the PA

A large part of what we do involves fundraising and social activities that promote the involvement of parents and support the students and school staff. The PA also nominates two Parent Liaison Officers each year who act as our point of contact for the Principal/Board of Management. The Parent Liaison Officers meet monthly with the principal, consulting on the programme of planned PA activities during the school year, and coordinating the dissemination of information back to the PA.

The PA constitution

We have a formal constitution which specifies our aims, our work, and our transparent governance structures. 

PA Newsletter

LRNS Newsletter Spring Term 2024.pdf
LRNS Newsletter Christmas Term 2023.pdf

Contact us

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or via our social media channels.