Parent Teacher Association

Lindsay Road National School Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

is comprised of teachers, parents and elected members of the Board of Management on a voluntary basis. There is no formal mechanism of current members proposing new members - everyone is welcome to join and attend a meeting as and when they can.

The PTA normally meets on the first Wednesday of each month at Hedigan’s Brian Boru Pub at 7.30 pm.

Our Mission Statement is simply; the PTA is committed to supporting the entire school body by:-

  • providing practical assistance, personal time, professional skills and administrative supports as necessary, especially in the area of fundraising;
  • enabling the continued development of the school’s infrastructure, facilities and technology;
  • developing the framework required for a suitable programme of extra-curricular activities, and
  • fostering and developing a community spirit.

We communicate with parents by email, SMS text message and by putting posters on the main entrance door and on the PTA notice board (beside the school office window).

We also compile a Parents' Directory with contact details. You can opt-in or opt-out as you wish but you'll need to give us your permission to use your details.

If you're not on our email list let us have your address!


In a small school like LRNS fundraising is always on the agenda. The PTA organise different events throughout the year, sometimes at the suggestion of parents or the school staff.

The annual PTA fundraising events include:

  • school photographs of class groups and individual children taken by Simon Archer Simon kindly donates a percentage of the value of photograph orders received by him back to the school,
  • school Christmas cards (see a sample of last year's card here),
  • the annual Spring Fair (held at the school in April).

Past events include an Oscar themed ball, a Latin summer soiree and supermarket bag packs.

Fundraising is not the PTA's main focus but it is important that some energy is given to supporting our school in a practical and tangible way.

What can you do to help?

Don't worry if you're not a Committee person or you can't commit to attending the monthly meeting, there's always an opportunity to help!

The PTA always need volunteers who are willing to give an hour or less at any of the events. Could you DJ? take photos? set up a stall? run a game? decorate a classroom, the yard or put up lights? do some basic carpentry/gardening or painting?

We always need access to cheap, or even better free photocopy and printing (black and white or colour), laminating and other office services.

If you have graphic/web design or computer skills we always need help. Just let us know how much or little you can take on.

Equally if you can recommend suppliers who would give us competitive rates on these services please do.

When it comes to raffles or the Spring Fair we are always delighted to receive donations of spot prizes. Anything from a box of chocolates or bottle of wine to an unwanted gift that you know someone else will love to a service that you are willing to provide: a manicure, a haircut, gardening advice or a night's babysitting! Please consider your school and be as inventive as you like!

After reading this is if you'd like to make a suggestion or offer your help to the PTA please email